Sega Naomi

Naomi unit

The naomi has a noisy fan - it's probably close to failsafe and uber-reliable, but not something you want in your livingroom. Fortunately it is really simple to replace.
The CPU fan is a "109p4405h8016", local copy of datasheet. It's glued to the CPU so I'll leave it alone for now.
Case fan is a Panaflo FBA06T12H, local copy of datasheet. A direct replacement with equal or better specs, but 27dB instead of 32dB noiselevel, is Papst 612F/2.

Naomi 2

CPU fan is a Sepa HFB44B-05A, local copy of datasheet.

Sega Universal Cabinet PSU

In my Naomi Universal cab, the original Sun 400-5397-1 PSU was equiped with a Yate Loon D80SM-12, 27CFM@29dB. It started to get really noisy at powerup, so I replaced it with a similar fan from Papst, 8412 NGMLE, which is rated at just 19dB.

GD-Rom unit

Under windows shows up under device manager as "LZ9115H PTK060X CdRom Device"

DIMM battery

3 wire battery pack consisting of small PCB and 2 x Panasonic CGR18650H. The cells are rated 1400 mAh.

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